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Shipping Association of New York & New Jersey
333 Thornall Street, Suite 3A
Edison, New Jersey 08837
Telephone: (732) 452-7800
Fax: (732) 452-6315

John Nardi

Charles Darrell
Executive Vice President,
Chief Operating Officer

Susan Winfree
Vice President, Workforce Development and Corporate Diversity Officer

Daniel Massaro
Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Barattini
Director of Workforce Development

Sharin Monahan
Director of Training & Safety

James H. Cobb, Jr.
Director of Governmental Affairs

Elaine Lew
Director of Communications

Steven M. Pessel
Director of Information Technology

Eugenia Rozenberg
Director, Financial Services

Jennifer Berndt
Executive Secretary

Izabela Dudzak
Office Assistant/Receptionist

Kathy Schiereck
Accounting Manager

Lesley Krause
Accounting Assistant

Anna Fassari
Training Center Administrator

Bob Hanley
Information Technology Payments Processing Manager

Deepak Gupta
Senior Information Technology Manager

Jane Liao
Information Technology Senior Business Systems Analyst

Uma Carupian
Information Technology Senior Business Systems Analyst

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